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  • Memory Assessment Program

  • Losing your memory doesn't mean you have to lose everything.

    Memory loss can be frightening at any age. When our memories fail, we worry about our daily responsibilities. We worry about how it will affect our loved ones. Most of all, we worry about the possibility if leaving home or becoming a burden to others.

    If you or someone you love is experiencing memory loss, we can help. Newport Hospital's Memory Assessment Program can help find out why you're experiencing memory loss.

    • We'll provide a team of experts to work with you, your doctor and your family.
    • We'll make the process simple and convenient, with all testing taking place on one day.
    • We'll help you get the right treatment and provide ongoing support.
    • We'll even visit you at home before and after you enter the program.

    Our three-part program

    For more information, please call Newport Hospital's Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center at 401-845-1652.