The Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund Mini Grants

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Organizations may apply for mini grants of up to $2,000. The committee has established an accelerated response process to support expediting mini grant awards.

The mini grant process is as follows:

  • Any organization may request a mini grant. An organization need not be an officially recognized charity. In certain cases, the hospital may arrange funding directly on a case-by-case basis.
  • An organization requesting funds begins the mini-grant process by contacting a committee member and requesting that they become the sponsor of the project. While members of the committee are encouraged to sponsor projects, they are under no obligation to become a sponsor.
  • After discussion with the sponsor, the organization requesting a mini grant should write a letter to the sponsor describing the project and requesting a specific grant amount. In the letter, the organization should designate a person to be responsible for the project, including the appropriate and proper distribution of funds.
  • The organization should provide the sponsor with enough information to make a reasonable case for the mini grant to the committee. The sponsor is under no obligation to take the project to the committee.
  • If the sponsor believes the project is worthy of consideration, the sponsor will contact the other committee members and make the case for the project. If there is a consensus among the committee members that the project meets the fund's goals, the committee may vote to recommend funding the project.
  • The hospital will consider funding the mini grant.
  • The responsible party for the organization receiving the mini grant must submit a brief final report, describing the project, the results and accomplishments. The final report should also detail all expenditures.
  • The organization will submit an invoice to the hospital. Upon receipt of the invoice, the hospital will complete the payment of funds.