Newport Hospital Profile in Giving: David S. Gordon

David S. Gordon

David S. GordonAs the former mayor of Newport, David S. Gordon has a unique perspective about his community and Newport Hospital’s role in it. Working closely with fire and police departments and the naval community during his years in office from 1996 to 2000, David saw first-hand how people depend on the hospital for emergencies, and also for routine care.

“There was never a time when first responders weren’t singing the hospital’s praises; they work so well together, which is critically important for a hospital that serves the entire community,” says David.

While David’s time as mayor provided insights into Newport Hospital that others on Aquidneck Island may not be privy to, his personal connection to our work extends far beyond his public service. He has served on the Newport Hospital Board of Governors for more than 15 years, and in 2008, became a member of the hospital’s Foundation Board of Trustees. And, like many who call Newport and its surrounding communities home, David has relied on Newport Hospital for his own care.

In 2004, David was treated for a cardiac issue in our Emergency Department and 10 years later, after being diagnosed with cancer, he turned to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Newport Hospital for his chemotherapy. Calling himself “very, very fortunate,” David is currently on a new immunotherapy drug to treat his cancer, returning to Newport Hospital every two weeks for an infusion.

“My personal experiences with Newport Hospital have been extremely positive; that I can receive such a high level of care less than 15 minutes from my home is invaluable,” says David. “The doctors, and especially the nurses, are just fantastic. This is the most patient-friendly hospital you’ll find, and I think it all goes back to the hospital’s culture and how much everyone cares about their patients.”

Through his service on the Foundation Board, David helps to raise funds to support equipment and program updates that keep Newport Hospital on the leading-edge of medicine while supporting our vision for the future.

“With how much healthcare continues to evolve, we’re lucky to have a hospital of this caliber right here in our own community,” says David. “I want people to know what we have here, and because I’ve benefitted from it personally, I was inspired to get involved and help bang that drum.”