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  • Mental Health

  • Mental Health Services
    at Newport Hospital

    Phone: 401-845-1810
    Chair: Heather Morse Hall, MD

    Psychiatry Services and Programs brochure (PDF)

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    Mental Health Awareness Q&A with Jon Brett, MD

    Consultation Liaison Services

    Consultation Liaison Services brings the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of psychiatry to the bedside of medical and surgical inpatients. Consultation services are provided by a multidisciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychiatric nurse clinicians, and psychiatric social workers.

    Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health

    As an extension of Bradley Hospital, a child psychiatrist and related outpatient services are available at Newport Hospital. Learn more.

    Psychiatrist: Leila Sadeghi, MD
    Psychologist: Celine Paillot, PhD

    Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Services

    Inpatient Psychiatry Services include assessment and treatment of acutely ill patients requiring a safe, secure environment for treatment of the full range of psychiatric problems, including psychotic disorders, mood disorders, geriatric disorders and suicidality. Care is also available for patients whose psychiatric symptoms occur in the context of other medical conditions, developmental disabilities or substance abuse.

    Director: Heather Morse Hall, MD

    Adult Outpatient Services

    Outpatient Psychiatric Services at Newport Hospital is located in the Borden-Carey medical office building adjacent to Newport Hospital. Three psychiatrists are on staff to offer psychiatric diagnosis, psychopharmacologic medication management, and other psychiatric interventions.

    Psychiatrists: Farrel Klein, MD, Michael Knowlan, MD, and Elizabeth Niemiec, MD

    Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

    Newport Hospital's Partial Hospitalization Program is designed to help adults of all ages cope with their life circumstances. Patients have a structured treatment environment while also returning home at night and on weekends. Patients can maintain relationships and enjoy the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own surroundings while they are at home.  Learn more.

    Program Director: Jon Brett, PhD
    Medical Director: 
    Elizabeth Niemiec, MD

    Newport Hospital is a Lifespan partner hospital. See a complete list of all mental health services.